Hot Cross Buns Easter Slice


Bun Lovers, we see you.

We take the seasonal scrumptious Easter Bun and put our spin on it, slice style. First, we whip up a holy blend of sweet cinnamon, spiced nutmeg, juicy currants and zesty orange then top it all off with white chocolate swirls. Forget toasters and butter, now you can have your bun on the run each and every day. Best of all, these beautiful 'buns' are all plant and gluten free. 

We have very proudly collaborated with local artist Ben Sanders on our Easter Slice Range.

Here at Springhill Farm we think Easter should be bright, colorful and F.U.N! Join our Easter colouring in competition to win a mouth-watering supply of Springhill Farm slice treats. 

This mouthwatering slice is gluten free and all plant. 

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