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About Springhill Farm

Jo has always loved to bake. Back in the 1980s, school kids would pay regular visits to the family farm, and while hubbie Ray gave them the full farm experience – collecting eggs, riding horses, steering the tractor and milking the goat (well, trying – she was always a bit uncooperative) – Jo would hit the kitchen and bake up a frenzy, creating her legendary muesli slice to give them a taste of country style.

Word got around, and soon Jo was on full time baking duty. And it was then that Springhill Farm became not only a working farm based in the lush hills of regional Victoria, but the site where beautiful finger slices, biscuits, rocky road and gluten free products were dreamed and created (and now enjoyed throughout Australia, nay, the world!)

Daughter Fiona has been Jo’s most critical taste tester since she was a wee tot, and these days it’s Fi and her own hubbie James that continue to dream and create that trademark Springhill Farm deliciousness.