Blueberry & Lemon Slice with Coconut Slice - Wholesale


Load up on unconditional love with this dreamy, creamy, lemony slice...

Made with zesty lemon, juicy coconut and fresh blueberries, then lovingly topped off with long strips of coconut and whole blueberry pieces, it's like the hug you didn't know you needed. 

We have LOVED working with Beck Feiner on the design of this inclusive packaging. Our two Mother's Day Slice Blocks have been designed to be a complete picture when placed next to each other.

 This Slice block is all plant and gluten free.

Product Specifications: 

Carton Size: 10 X 150g Blocks

Dietary: All Plant, Gluten Free

Shelf Life: 9 months

Product Code: 51133

RRP: $13.95

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