Aussie Farmhouse Inspired Vegan & Gluten Free Snacks

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Vegan Treats and Gluten Free Slices

Making snacking happier on a family farm in Ballarat, Victoria, since 1984, Springhill Farm vegan and gluten free treats are made with love for those time out moments.

A modern twist on Aussie farmhouse kitchen-inspired snacks, the range has grown from classic slices to special-occasion treats, healthy vegan snacks, yummy gluten free bites, and now delightfully crispy clusters with our everyday snack brand boodles®. 

Proudly second-generation family owned and run, Springhill Farm’s gluten free snacks and vegan slices come packaged, unpackaged and bundled for all treatworthy needs. 

Grab your vegan and gluten free slices and treats online or in-store at Woolworths, Officeworks, Bunnings or at all great independent grocery stores.

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Our journey to vegan slices, gluten free snacks and corporate hampers

Long before paddock-to-plate was fashionable, Jojo (to her seven grandkids) and Ray started baking Springhill Farm slices in the 80s to fuel local school kids who visited the farm.

The muesli slice was in vogue back then (literally, Jojo’s slice was featured in Vogue), and while Ray gave the kids the full country farm experience – think milking goats, collecting eggs and riding on hay bales – Jojo would prepare delicious sustenance they could connect to their learnings from the day.

Today, Jojo and Ray’s daughter Fiona and her husband James add the modern twist to this great Aussie Farmhouse tradition, delivering slices and clusters wrapped up as gluten free treats, healthy vegan snacks and corporate hampers that everyone can enjoy in a daily or special occasion time out moment.

Jojo may not be in the kitchen as much anymore – in an official capacity anyway – but she is well-known to whip up a slice or two for guests, the postman, any farmhands, tradies; or anyone who may stop past the farm.

We are still based in country Victoria, and we’re still creating delicious treats that wouldn’t be out of place in Jojo’s farmhouse kitchen.

What is a time out moment? And why vegan and gluten free to make snacking happier?

A time out moment enables us to harvest energy, however that best suits an individual – who may or may not live a vegan and/or gluten free lifestyle. 

Healthy snacks, boodles® and slices do not discriminate, and with our farming heritage, it’s easy (and tasty) to make sure nobody misses out.

We stand for making snacking happier. We stand for fun, colour, variety, balance and inclusivity, because – just as Jojo intended – snacking can reconnect us to the important things in life; the land, looking after ourselves and sharing time out with loved ones. 

Help us clear the name of the honest, wholesome snack, and ring a return to proud snacking in Australia!

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