Easter… fun for some; nightmare for others, especially for those who live a gluten free, dairy free or plant-based diet – until Hare and Chick rolled in last Easter with Springhill Farm Coeliac-safe and vegan slices!

And while there are plenty of gluten free and vegan Easter dessert recipes out there for home-baking, sometimes you just want to grab some dairy free and vegan Easter chocolate for the time-poor instant hit.

Remember superheroes Bad Hare & Hot Cross Chick?

Since the original Springhill Farm Easter superheroes hopped onto the scene, BAD HARE has mellowed from an angry teenage fluff-ball, into a totally chilled kick-back-with-a-carrot kind of guy 🐰🥕

His evil twin, however, is stuck in 2022 and back with a vengeance – in a GIANT MONSTER 800g CHOC-LOADED TWIN PACK – competing for the limelight and causing havoc (exclusively) on Costco shelves, in a classic sibling rivalry for the ages...


HOT CROSS CHICK has reinvented herself and blossomed into a speckled Hen-teen 🐥 ... ready to flee the nest just in time for a gluten free, vegan Easter 

Having hatched from the Easter egg a long time ago, our Hen-teen heroine has packed up her loot (a new-age collection of carrot-shaped boxes full of chocolate slice bites) and is spreading her wings across Australia, delivering to those who shop online and support their Independent Supermarkets.

Not to be beaten by his accomplice and hot-headed twin, Bad Hare (who’s really not so bad any more) is rabbiting around with 150g of gluten free, plant-based carrot cake inspired slices – and 6-packs of gluten free, plant-based bites, smuggled in stellar, stealth carrot-shaped boxes.


How to have a great gluten free Easter

Hare and Hen-teen are spreading the word; it’s time to leave stale hot cross buns and hollow eggs behind, with a sweet new world out there making snacking happier. 


Firstly, our take on the traditional carrot cake landed on a delectable vanilla biscuit base, with a handful of juicy sultanas, ripe coconut, crunchy walnuts, and pinches of cinnamon and nutmeg – all covered in a creamy white chocolate with carrot decorations.

And then there’s a sassy Hen-teen for the chocoholics out there, bringing solid carat (not carrot) gold, with a scattering of rainbow-style speckled sprinkles adding slices of colour to the masterpiece. A luscious biscuit crumb base comes loaded with juicy coconut, crunchy chocolate pieces and rich cocoa, all topped off with creamy dark chocolate.

As for the evil twin Bad “Giant Monster” Hare; creamy, crunchy chocolate and hazelnut slice lays the base for a generous smashing of Easter eggs and multi-coloured smarties – it’s an action-packed, veritable smorgasbord of vice!

Gift-wrapped with signature edition illustrations by talented Ballarat artist Ben Sanders, these are perfect for gifting Easter treats, school holiday afternoon grazing and dietary-friendly sharing for every eventuality.


Take it easy – just like our mate, horizontal Hare

At pretty much a third of the way through the year, and with some of the last warm weather for our south-eastern Australian Farm followers, Easter is a time to take stock and recharge before getting into the winter months. 

Unlike many small mammals, herbivorous hares don’t hibernate or store nutrients for long periods either, so they need to conserve energy with a constant (locally sourced) food supply. Sound like anyone else…?

Make snacking happier for you and your family by stocking up online or in Independent Supermarkets and Premium Providores with gluten free, plant-based Easter goodies – just to make sure no-one runs out of carrots at this super fun time of year.

You’re only as good as your last slice

Hear what the Farm followers had to say about our Easter treats from last year…

“This was absolutely unreal”— 
Andrea R

“Ate some today. So chocolatey and satisfying.” — 
Alice B

“I received 2 free samples from your easter range last week, when I donated blood at Lifeblood Blood Donor Centre. They were delicious.” — 
Roxanne B

Taming the “Giant Monster” if you’re not the “Horizontal” type

As for Bad Hare’s evil twin, we’re taking a carrot and stick approach to containing the monster – Costco have been super kind to take him on; don’t forget to give them some love too... 😊


👉 Hop to it and hunt out your local Costco 🐰

Happy Easter Snacking :)


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