Spring At The Farm

“Spring was always such a beautiful time at the Farm,” says General Manager and slice ‘tragic’ Fiona, whose Mum Jo (Jojo to her grandkids) took her slice-baking passion to the next level in 1984, when she founded Springhill Farm. 

“New life, crisp mornings, and a warm sun filling the sky, thawing out the winter chill. After an afternoon playing and feeding lambs in the paddock, or a day at school, there would often be trays and trays of fresh slices on the table when we ran in exhausted and needing to refuel. The smell would lure us in and fill us up, ready to go again after a quick break.”

Are you in need of a time-out?!

Slice Up Your Life This Spring

Routine is good, but so is stepping outside of a comfort zone and sprinkling more spontaneity on your daily cycle, especially for those who were stuck at home for large periods of winter. 

Life outside of the day-to-day isn’t all bungee jumps and swimming with sharks; it can be as simple as a little time-out for you; maybe a book, a cuppa and a treat...? 

3 of our fave tips to Put Spring in Your Step:

1. Go Camping

    Reconnect with the great outdoors. And if you can’t get to a national park or secluded spot right now, pitch a tent in your backyard, hit a hammock or yoga mat – or just grab a rug and sleep under the stars. No access to public or private green space? Build a den in the kitchen and open a window – at least you won’t be far from the pantry for a midnight feast!

    There are some amazing camping spots to visit across Australia – or at least to dream about visiting. And whether you get to see them one day, or they always remain a vision in your mind; allow yourself to indulge in the moment – and pack treats. 

    No Need For Pre-Camp Baking

    Baking until the early hours before a sunrise-start to go camping is not fun; let’s be honest. So grab bite-sized treats that don’t go off quickly (as opposed to those that never go off because they contain every E number ever created…) 

    • Our First Timer, or Gluten Free Bundles are great camping treats and excellent ‘spontaneity slices’ to grab and go. 
    • The Pick n’ Mix Bundles present a more curated approach, with deliciousness for everyone, especially for our plant-based and gluten free tribes. 
    • You could even create a Naked** 'Welcome Platter' to make it look like you did do the pre-camp bake thing after all.

    **Wrapper-free ‘Naked’ slices, not naked camping. Although we don’t judge...

    2. Keep Playing Games

      When we polled our team for their happiest childhood memories, there were two recurring answers; camping and board games. Playing games (of any description) keeps you young and energised, and you’ll be amazed at how you can slip a slice into play…***

      • Missing that one letter in Scrabble? Play your treat card wisely and collect that triple treat score!
      • No Jenga pieces? Grab a bunch of bites and stack ‘em up.
      • Backyard cricket? Don’t forget your slice-sponsored Tea Break.
      • Just don’t get caught red-handed with Colonel Mustard and a Slice in the Pantry.
      • Monopoly? We’d definitely give up a hotel on Park Lane for an Espresso Martini block!

      ***We don’t recommend squishing Springhill goodies into Trivial Pursuit wheels… you’re playing a grown-up game; just eat the slice!

      We’ve also made life easy for you by including slice-breaker Never Have I Ever cards in our Boozy* Slice Box Sets. So get together with friends (online or in real life), share a Boozy* Slice or three, and find out who else has broken something at a friend’s house and never told them...

      3. Get Boozy* For Footy Finals

      You can’t beat Party Pies and barbecues at Footy Finals time... Or can you? We’re not biased, we promise 😉

      Regardless, be prepared when the sweet craving kicks in at half time.

      Our whole range offers perfect variety for thong-clad sports fanatics, but Boozy* Slice adds an extra dimension this year, with snappable, shareable booze-inspired-alcohol-free treats.

      Again, you can also grab the Boozy* Box Set to make sure you have everyone covered (the collection includes 1x Espresso Martini Slice, 1x Cosmo Slice and 1x Rum & Raisin Slice). They’ll thank you in the morning!

      And if the footy goes really wrong for your team, you can always switch the TV off and play Never Have I Ever! Stock up – nervous pre-footy or in-game eating can put a real dent in your pantry!



      Thanks to our partnership with Food Bank, you can help vulnerable members of the community as you go. One Negroni Cocktail & Slice Kit provides four meals for hospitality staff in need.

      Bonus Tip: If you’re not already, follow Springhill Farm on Instagram. We’re always finding weird and wonderful ways to put a spring in everyone’s slice!