3 minute read (or a couple of cheeky mouthfuls of Boozy* Slice)

The Greatest Aha Moment in the History of Slice 

 You might want to hear some deep and profound story as to why we created Boozy* Slice. But really, it’s very simple. 

It was Thursday night, and Springhill Farm Brand Manager Nora hit the sofa after a big day dreaming up new Springhill Farm slices, smashing the gym, and wrangling her kids. In a moment of self control, she decided to choose between our Classic Rocky Road Bite or her (in)famous homemade Negroni – not both.


And there it was... the greatest 'Aha Moment' in the history of the Australian slice.

The very next morning, our chefs put the two together and created something for everyone, every day of the week. The Negroni, Cosmopolitan, Espresso Martini and Rum & Raisin Boozy* Slice collection; each flavour is 150 grams of cocktail-inspired, alcohol-free, gluten free, plant-based, wholly deserved decadence (it’s a worthwhile mouthful)... for when chocolate, cookies or ice-cream just won’t cut it. 

It’s the cheeky indulgent experience to be enjoyed alone, with friends, colleagues, tea or coffee, whatever hour of the day, because you earned it. And there’s no booze! So it’s probably the only occasion you can say “let’s get Boozy” in a 9am meeting. [Please practise with caution.] 

No vice in the Slice

You are allowed to indulge a little! After all, Homosapien v.2021 is superhuman; both woman and man juggle career, social life, family, footy team, Netflix, gym, balanced diet and State Premier press conferences. Yet we still have to make time for sleep and emotional investment in others (sure Love Island and The Bachelor absolutely count!). 

But where is the time out moment for you? 

7 Sin-Free Reasons to Boozy* Slice

  1. Boozy* Slice was not created for lust. It’s convenient and always available; cold mornings on the farm, long afternoons at the desk, post-dinner party (party for one or a party for 10!). It’s always in the bag, in the cupboard, next to the bath, or at the shop around the corner for those who do not have a strong hoarding game. Seriously, you have to wonder about anyone who can keep a block of chocolate in their drawer and eat one square a day!
  1. Don’t worry, we made Boozy* Slice just the right thickness, so it’s totally fine to savour in one sitting. Alternatively, it can be snapped and shared, spread over a few days, you know – all those good things Mum taught you… There’s no gluttony or vice here – only much-needed shared- or self-investment. 
  1. Never before has the simple slice inspired such feelings of nostalgia, lasting happiness and love (as long as there’s always a decent supply nearby). This is not fleeting gratification; it’s a hard-worked-for-time-out experience. And it’s absolutely an experience that can be enjoyed alone, but those flavours, textures and feelings inspire a burning (and possibly unfamiliar) desire to share... dispelling all notions of wrath and selfishness. [Springhill Farm def. Slice Sharing: a social act that shows the very deepest of care for the welfare of others.] 
  1. Topping the list of the original 7 Deadly Sins is ‘pride’, which loosely translates as ‘arrogance’ and ‘excessive self-interest’ in the modern world. There are no secrets or boastful claims with Boozy* Slice; just good snacks, good times and plenty to go around! To align with the humble nature of our Tribe, we’re even throwing in the perfect icebreaker card game ‘never have I ever’ for endless fun and yum with the Boozy* Slice Box Set (Espresso Martini, Rum & Raisin and Cosmo) – perfect to dish the dirt on Dad this Father’s Day.
  1. Sharing may be the true currency of love, but it’s also high time we learned to love ourselves. Following the heart as well as the stomach is not greed. And neither is revelling in Boozy* Slice. Hoarder, sharer or smasher? Just allow your primal side in and ensure you know where your next slice is coming from.
  1. Greed is the pursuit of material possessions, but there is nothing material about this creation. Plant-based and made with real ingredients, these are a wholesome snack – and it’s the closest your hunter-gatherer ancestor ever got to an Espresso Martini. On the subject of our spear-throwing predecessors... hot tip; a dash to your local shop for a Boozy* Slice pick up officially shakes sloth and gets your appetite going!
  1. Ordering online eliminates envy because you’ll never be without. But there is still work to be done, even by the greatest of hoarders, sharers and smashers. There are well-spent calories to earn (walking to the meeting room counts), so that when your sin-free time out moment comes – mid-morning on Monday, 3pm on Wednesday, 10pm on Saturday night... or all of the aforementioned – you absolutely deserve it. 

Whether you snap and enjoy together ‘in real-life’ – or virtually if distance and circumstance prevent togetherness (Boozy* Slice-fuelled Zoom calls anyone?) – this range is no vice. It’s a social creature, inspiring that selfless one-for-me-one-for-you approach. Tell the ‘Head of Meeting Snacks’ at work, tell your housemate/partner, tell the dog and cat – and shout it from the rooftops above. 

Snap Slice and let love in.

A wonderful explosion of orange and citrus flavours, with a gentle cinnamon and clove bite, conjuring memories of sunset Negronis in Naples...

Rum & Raisin: Almonds, cocoa and dried fruit – simply the smell of good times. and a big hit for Father’s Day.

Cosmo: A sophisticated concoction of cranberry, lime and apple inspiring that quite unique ahhhh moment.

Espresso Martini: Decadent dark chocolate body, with a whole coffee-bean kick and white chocolate ‘crema’ topping – reminiscent of Espresso Martini-fuelled nights out.