Since JoJo started making her famous slice in our farm kitchen, we've been proudly focused on supporting our local community by showcasing the best that Regional Victoria and beyond has to offer.

And, over 35 years later, nothing's changed!

At Springhill Farm, we know just how much care, passion and focus goes into making something truly "Treatworthy." That's why we leave no stone unturned to find and partner with local producers and suppliers.

It's our "Australian Ingredients Sourcing Policy" (try saying that 5 times with a mouthful of Rocky Road...) — and as an Australian family-owned business, we're proud to support other businesses who, like us, are passionate about the quality of the products they produce, and shout loud and proud about what their local community has to offer!

In fact, the marshmallows we use in our Classic Rocky Road Slice are from So Soft, who are just 300m — or 5,000 slices! — down the road from Slice HQ.

Could you get more local?


Other highlights on our magical ingredient tour include:


🌾 Our Rolled Oats used in many of our slices, including our moreish Choc & Oat Slice, are from Smeaton — another regional hub in Victoria.

🍋 Many of our natural colours and flavours, such as our lemon oil, are produced right here in sunny Ballarat.

🥜 Many of the spreads used in our Peanut and Almond Slices are produced in Melbourne.

🐮 Our Salted Butter and Sunflower Oil comes from some of our Banana-Bender mates in the North.

Naturally, sometimes we do have to go a little further afield to find some of our ingredients as they are too difficult to source in Australia. For example, we source our coconut from farmers in Sri Lanka to ensure the best quality we can find.

And while you're tucking into your next timeout moment, you can treat peacefully knowing that ALL of our ingredients are sourced from suppliers who share our passion for ethical practices and respect for the environment.