The *Best Gluten-Free Slices* for life’s ‘in-between’ moments this summer ⛱️  ...

The end of one year and the beginning of another is always a milestone of some description. Here’s why the very best gluten-free slices should always be on hand.

Australian summer (surely it's not over already?!) is everyone’s favourite season, but let’s be honest it’s a bit of an in-between moment. It offers a chance to press pause. And after a stop-start few years and a full-steam-ahead 2022; before 2023 really kicks into gear — we're bringing the summer holiday vibes well and truly into February — don’t forget to take a break before the back-to-work grind really sets in.

3 meals a day? What to eat between feeds?

If you’re a structured food person, grab a snack; this is for you. If not, grab a snack and move to the next point.

Unless your three meals are within two hours of each other – or you hail from a different planet – you’re going to need some neatly packaged (ideally, hand — or mouth — delivered) sustenance to make sure you don’t slip down the ‘in-between meal’ gaps. Not so easy, especially if you’re gluten free.

Hello – there’s a (cute) slice of good fortune... 😍

Lazy lunch? What to eat between courses…

Don’t you just love those days when one meal blends into another? (If you’re one of those people that regiments their meals, skip to the next point!)

Maybe it’s a long summer day in the garden with the weber; at a winery; by the pool; or on the beach. But you still get peckish under the pergola, on the loungers or in the hammock. Besides, popping a slice just keeps that digestive system purring – as opposed to the stop-start nature of set course regimens.

Table looking empty? What to place between dishes…

There’s nothing worse than gaps in a dinner table spread. Actually, there is – table decorations to fill them. The last thing you want is a candle / flower posy / piece of plastic junk in the way when Aunty Meg is trying to pass the sauce.

So be innovative – fill the gaps with the best gluten-free slices.

Remember the saying “make sure you leave enough room for pudding?” Well, how can you leave enough room if you can’t see the pudding?

What about: “your eyes are bigger than your tummy!” Well, they’re not, and if I can see the sweet stuff, then I can make a fair call on how big my tummy is – with my normal-sized eyes, thank you very much!

A set of 'hungry eyes' we can relate to... 👀

‘Drinks’ breaks in sport? What about you?

Whether you’re at the cricket or tennis, or watching the kids race around the yard and wishing you were, be prepared for gaps in the action. They might be the world’s greatest sports people on the world’s greatest stages (the cricketers and tennis players, not your kids), but they still get a drinks break – and those tennis players sure are partial to a regular snack – every other game, can you believe it?!

The cricketers have got it right too. Surely, there’s no other sport that stops for snacks like cricket? Don’t do anything before elevenses, break for lunch a couple of hours later, and always stop what you’re doing for afternoon tea. Any sign of rain or darkness? Get inside and have a bit to eat. Drinks and nibbles during sessions too, of course.

These sporting specimens are leading the way in the snacking stakes! Unfortunately for little old you and I, there is no nutrition team to make sure supplies are well-stocked with the best gluten-free slices. So make sure you’ve nipped to the shop, or jumped online to stock up your slice stash...

Too much booze on an empty stomach?

Talking of being well prepared, some of us – on the odd occasion – might have a tipple or two over summer. You do not want a gap in your stomach before imbibing. Cue the emergency slice – especially for us gluten free-ers who can’t just grab anything!

In between holidays and nothing in the cupboard?

The summer is a wonderful time to explore our vast and beautiful country – but lengthy holidays mean clearing out fridges and returning to no food. Be careful to leave some of the best long-life gluten-free slices for your return – it’s very easy to pack them all for the journey… especially when road-tripping 🚗 🚙 🚌

The look of a man who proactively, preemptively stashed a stack of slice at home for post-holiday pick-me-ups 😊

In between beach trips?

Too hot in the middle of the day to stay at the beach? If you’re fortunate to be close enough to the coast, it’s great to nip home and cool down before heading back for sunset. Just beware, water makes you hungry! No idea how, or why, but yep – laying on the sand and wading in the ocean sure creates a disproportionate appetite!

In between houses?

A friend of the Farm once told us the ultimate box-packing and unpacking tip. If you place a selection of the best gluten-free slices in some of the cardboard boxes, you’ll be overjoyed to find surprises just when you feel like you can’t look at another box, trinket or family photo.

Don’t forget to hit ‘pause’ this summer with the very best gluten-free slices.


Bonus Tip: For those moments in between putting the kids to bed; in between waiting for the next episode to start; or even in between trying to get some work done as we drag ourselves into back-to-work 'eek, the holidays are over' mode — follow Springhill Farm and boodles® on Instagram

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