Set your chocolate-conscience free — your search for the healthy, chocolatey snack of your dreams stops here.

Our products are already changing perspectives on what’s possible with healthy vegan snacks, but once you’ve opened one of our boodles®, you’ll know you’ve hit the vegan treat jackpot.

Whilst we love a sweet treat in the evening (who are we kidding, anytime of the day is perfect) we also know that there is a lot of sugar consumed in the typical Aussie diet – we wanted to make the perfect treat to make snacking happier, and that’s where we came up with boodles®.

What are boodles®?

boodles® are a delightfully crispy vegan treat! Imagine the chocolate crackles you used to love as a child—only these are healthier! We take a mixture of healthy seeds and grains and then we smother all those grains in chocolate. The final product is a delightfully light yet sweet snack, with 50% less sugar than other leading bite sized confectionery products. 

Our chocolate is creamy and smooth, but don’t worry, these mouth-watering snacks are plant-based and contain 50% less sugar*. So, snack away because this is the healthier alternative, without compromising on taste at all.

Did we say 50% less sugar?*

Absolutely, we did. Despite having a delicious chocolatey taste, you only get about half the sugar intake when compared to other leading bite-sized confectionary options.

This makes it a healthier snack to stock the pantry with, but they won’t last very long!

With more and more Aussies concerned about the high sugar intake of the average diet, ‘less sugar’ is good news. We’ve made it easy - now you can transition to a much healthier diet, without too much opposition from the kids—or your sweet tooth.

The boodle® Superstars — what’s in a boodle®?

So, exactly why is this a drool worthy addition to anyone’s diet?

The Seeds and Grains

  • Buckwheat: Ever heard of pseudocereals? Enjoy the benefit of this grain being gluten-free while it provides proteins, fibre and many other trace minerals.
  • Quinoa: Why only use this very healthy seed in main courses and salads? We added it to boodles® so you can get the advantage of an antioxidant-rich seed with lots of fibre, even while snacking on your favourite chocolate treat. From heart health to managing sugar levels, this seed can help with it all!
  • Soy crisps: Are you aware of all the benefits of soy? We’re talking amino acids, omega-3 fats and polyunsaturated fats. These have been linked to lowering your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

And let’s not forget the chocolate!

The ‘Good Chocolate’

What’s so special about our chocolate? We put a lot of effort into finding the right kind of chocolate to pair with our healthy seeds.

Now, you benefit from:

  • Plant based chocolate 🌱🍫
  • 70% cocoa solids in our dark chocolate (the minimum for ‘quality chocolate’ is 45%)
  • 36% cocoa solids in other chocolate varieties (the minimum for ‘quality chocolate’ is 30%)
  • Because it contains cocoa butter, it melts in your mouth 😊

5 fun boodles® serving suggestions

Let’s be clear: you don’t need anything else to enjoy boodles® except tearing open the pack and putting them in your mouth.

However, you can keep it interesting by trying out these tips and boodles® serving suggestions:

  • boodles® as a topping: if you like toppings, swap out sugary syrups for a boodles® crumbled on top of your dessert or drink
  • Ice cream pairing: make your bowl of ice cream taste even better by stirring in a few boodles®
  • Breakfast option: a boring old breakfast bowl of muesli or granola can become much more enticing when you add a boodles® or two
  • A baker’s new best friend: when decorating cakes or other baked goods, add the X-factor on top without adding a lot of additional sugar
  • Sandwich time: some Springhill Farm team members enjoy crushing up their boodles® and using it as a bread topping - think Fairy Bread 2.0

Which flavour first?

We think we’ve made it very clear that if you haven’t tasted boodles® yet, you’re missing out. But now for the big moment.

 Which of our fun, delicious flavours will you try first?

  • Chocolate and Hazelnut 🐿️
  • Just…Chocolate 🍫
  • Dark Chocolate and Mint 🌱 
  • Chocolate and Caramel 🍮

 They’re all available online now—just choose your flavour of choice!

Who is the passionate team behind boodles®?

Have you tasted our snacks while flying with one of Australia’s airline carriers? Or have you heard of the Aussie farming family who is passionate about making delicious treats in a responsible way? Your new favourite treat comes from Springhill Farm, a family-run business in Victoria. We’ve been farming and making slices for over 35 years. And we’re proud of our new addition to our product range!


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