A slice of appreciation for number 1 and everyone else

If the last 675 days have taught the world anything, it’s to focus on the things in life that really matter.

Top of the list is being kind to ourselves, and listening to what our minds and bodies require to find balance.

Then, it’s identifying what those around us – from our kids to our parents – need most; not forgetting Ray from Australia Post and Sabrina from StarTrack Delivery.

And what do we all really need this Christmas?

Love, actually! Or at least a slice of appreciation...

... which is lucky, because we have boxes and boxes – all different shapes, sizes and flavours – of love and appreciation (covering all dietary needs!)

And what do ‘work’ Christmas gifts look like this year?

It’s fair to say that staff Christmas party spreads won’t be a case of ‘dive in and get your hands on the treats folks’ (individually wrapped slices might hit the right notes though…!) Pass the parcel will probably be off the list, the wonderful people at Australia Post will be far too busy to play secret Santa, and remote karaoke doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

Whoever your gift or your party is for, get it sorted early this year – who knows what will happen!

Which client gets a ‘naughty’ hamper and who gets a ‘nice’ hamper? Which colleague will love the Make your own Gingerbread slice house kit (including 6 caramelised slices, 3 sour cherry slices in a gift kit), and who will be driven to ‘edible destruction’ by such tactile demands?

Your boss does not want another bottle of grog, and neither do your colleagues - especially anyone who happens to be a tee-totaller or pregnant (you never know what your colleagues have been hiding under that zoom screen!). All Plant and Gluten Free Boozy* Slice Box Sets including ‘Never have I ever’ games on the other hand… perfect.

Job done while you can’t really remember how annoying your colleagues are – and before you head back into the office to be reminded why you were so excited to work from home in the first place. 

What to buy for family, friends and your community?

Think of all the people who have supported you this year, and how far a slice of appreciation might go. And think of all those people you’ve been meaning to reach out to, but haven’t quite managed to yet… It’s not too late.

From your Auntie Bethel, to your best mate who buggered off to Queensland; long lost school friends, neighbours, online yoga teachers, delivery drivers, and waste collectors. Show them a slice of appreciation. Perhaps you’ve realised that your workmates aren’t that important, and that you should redirect your generosity to those who really matter, like the guy that delivers cocktails and toilet paper to your door...

Neighbour-watching became a legitimate sport in 2020 and 2021 – your neighbourhood probably knows way too much about each other (like how many dirty take-outs you opted for every week in lockdown). Have a laugh about it over a Christmas Slice Block or two – maybe they’ll forgive you for hacking their Netflix account because it reaches your living room.

Send slices of appreciation in the post and share happiness moments with the people who receive them; whether it’s an eight-hour zoom session with Gary from Perth, a fleeting moment with your gas meter reader, or a weekend with your sister.

Think of Americans in Australia for Thanksgiving – and all other internationals and inter-staters who quite possibly haven’t seen their family for over two years.

What do you buy your kids’ teachers?

After home-schooling for the best part of two years, we hope that anyone who doubted how tough teaching is, still has room for a Christmas Slice Block after eating their own words. Don’t be embarrassed by the quality of your previous gifts now you realise how hard teaching your little Johnny is – just upgrade your gift!

Teachers just want a slice of appreciation and a good laugh – our box set with a game will be just the ticket. They don’t want booze or junk. Actually, they may want booze — and Springhill Farm Boozy* Slice Cocktail kits could be on the money.

Look after No.1 to look after others

I don’t want to sound like your mother here (let’s face it Mums are always right), but you also have to look after you. If you don’t look after yourself properly, then you’ll struggle to give anything decent to anybody else.

Remember, only you can create meaningful time out for you, but together we can inspire happiness moments for lots of people!

Give and receive with Springhill Farm, safe in the knowledge that your Australian-made slice of appreciation supports far and wide; from providing employment opportunities in regional Victoria and beyond, supporting the amazing work that the folks from Rural Aid, Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute and even the small homework clubs and soup kitchens have continued to carry out during these difficult couple years. A special cheers to them.

The Ultimate 2021 Christmas Gift List

1. You

Boozy* Slice Box Set (including Never Have I Ever game)

2. Neighbours

SHF x Little Lon Boozy* Slice Negroni Kit

3. Kids

Maybe let them build the Gingerbread house (if they’re very well behaved)

4. Loved ones interstate

All Plant Caramelised Gingerbread Christmas Slice Block

5. Friends

All Plant & GF Sour Cherry Christmas Slice Block

6. Kids’ Teacher

Naughty Christmas Hamper (16 Seasonal Slice Bites, 2 Seasonal Slice Blocks)

7. Boss

Boozy* Slice Espresso Martini

8. Pet(s)

We love our pets, but best not to give them slice. So treat them to a bone, and treat yourself to our Pick 'n Mix ranges

9. Clients

Nice Christmas Hamper (12 Seasonal Slice Bites)

10. Partners/Parents/Siblings

Our Boozy* Slice Hamper (all 4 flavours)

11. Delivery Drivers, Posties, Waste Collectors, Truck Drivers

Boozy* Slice Rum & Raisin

12. Team-mates

Boozy* Slice Cosmo (go on, stitch 'em up!!)


Now get out there and start Christmas shopping for you and your crew. You can thank us in 2022.

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