Here’s our handy guide on how to SHF* this summer – whether you’re okay with online ordering and hoarding, or more of a one-at-a-time-pick-up-treats-from-your-local-shop kind of nibbler...

*Springhill Farm

1. Stock up for Christmas

By the time Santa is airborne this year, our mates at Australia Post will well and truly deserve to put their feet up, and tuck into a Seasonal Slice or three with family and friends.


It’s been quite a year for the mail-sorting superheroes, so the first snack-sized summer tip from the Farm is to get your holiday orders in now – if you haven’t already! From Hampers and Boozy* Slice Box Sets, to Gingerbread House Kits and Sour Cherry & Dark Chocolate Slices, there’s something for everyone; with All Plant and Gluten Free treat options too.


2. Revolutionise your stocking fillers

    For countless generations, humankind has considered it a good idea to give one another socks at Christmas. Having once been a kid ourselves, we all know it’s the biggest anti-climax to rip off the wrapping and find another year’s worth of butt-ugly foot-warmers – especially on a 35ºC day. And it remains so as an adult.

    So change it up! Break the habit of a hundred years and drop something mouthwatering under the tree. Perhaps something you can make AND eat… like a Gingerbread House Kit or a Cocktail and Slice Kit for bigger ‘kids’.


    3. Indulge in edible decorating

      So what is this Gingerbread Slice House Kit we’ve been nibbling around in the first two snack-sized summer tips from the Farm?

      Surely you’d just make a gingerbread house out of gingerbread… or just buy one?! Sorry (not sorry) to all the traditionalists, but the gingery novelty kind of wears thin after a couple of sickly bites – and then it’s a nightmare to keep the sweet treat fresh – don’t you think?

      Where there’s a problem, there’s always a slice to solve it. The maestros behind the scenes at Springhill Farm have the solution – again.  Made with our limited-edition Christmas Slices (and all the instructions to get you started), it’s the ultimate keep the ‘kids’ occupied for a couple hours kit.


      And at the end of the day, you get your share in six individually wrapped slice blocks, and three individually wrapped slice bites, to eat at your pace. Just remember there are always ‘project management fees’ with big builds like this – and a few nibbles off the edge won’t hurt the structural integrity!


      4. Hosting or attending a Summer BBQ? What to offer and what to take…

      Springhill Lover A: “What can I bring to the BBQ?”

      Springhill Lover B: "Just bring yourselves!"

      That’s an answer we’ve all heard (probably given, and definitely been reminded of in some old favourite ads of late) – and it’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Yes, we’ve already asked our product development team about a chocolate teapot slice. Sadly you might have to watch this space for a while...

      Anyway, from now on, we declare Springhill Farm slices, blocks, hampers, sets and kits the answer to the polite person’s problem. No one really wants to transport a pav, turn up with a cake that needs icing (not flies), or worse yet a salad that needs dressing (soggy lettuce anyone?). You should be socialising! Grab an SHF slice and Bob’s your uncle. Or is it Bill?


      5. How to cope with unexpected visitors at Christmas (like uncle Bill)

        Talking of Bill, don’t know about your uncle, but ours has a lovely habit of turning up unexpectedly, especially at Christmas. Spread emergency slice boxes around the house for when that knowing knock at the door comes. A slice in the cupboard keeps Bill at bay, or so we say!  (Thinking about it, perhaps that’s why Bill keeps coming back…?!)

        6. What to pair with afternoon ‘tea’ in summer

          The perennial question – what does one pair with afternoon tea? And by ‘tea’ we mean a cup of tea, a coffee, lemonade or something stronger – it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, right? – maybe even a cocktail kit for summer! Regardless, the Boozy* Slice is the perfect ‘tea’ companion, whatever time you’re pouring.


          7. How to watch cricket this year

          England are returning down under this summer and The Ashes are up for grabs again. Whether you’re watching an under-10s ‘little bash’ or a five-day Test Match, Springhill Farm treats for cricket are just as important as a picnic rug and a bat and ball for the lunch break. Beware: nervous eating is a real thing, so pack the picnic basket well! Our slice doesn’t need to be kept cool, so no need to take up esky space.


          8. Camping, hiking or adventuring this summer? Be prepared

          If 2021 has taught us something, it’s that anything can happen. So always be prepared. It has been scientifically proven that a Springhill Farm Slice can help you in almost any tight squeeze,* so order a box of individually wrapped lightweight (28g) bites and get out there into the big, wide, beautiful world.

          *We don’t test on animals, so there is zero scientific evidence that Springhill supplies will help you in an encounter with a croc or alike, but it will make you feel better. We just hope that the croc has good taste...

          9. How to NYE with SHF!

            New Years Eve is always an epic occasion – some have been the greatest nights of our lives, while others have been a bigger anti-climax than socks for Christmas. However you plan to wave goodbye to 2021 – and welcome 2022 – do it with SHF. Our Boozy* Slice Kit which includes the ‘Never Have I Ever’ game is perfect for staying in with friends and family, while the Cocktail Kit hits all the right notes for those heading out for the big countdown.


            10. When planning your New Year’s Resolution, remember everything in moderation

            “Everything in moderation, including moderation,” Oscar Wilde once said. And we agree, which is why our bites are the size they are, and why we create so many different delicious recipes. It’s also why we created Pick ‘n Mix, Hampers, Bundles and Mixed Sets – that way, you can try every different slice and bite... in moderation.

            Whatever your goals, hopes and dreams for the New Year, remember to be kind to yourself. You can thank us in 2022.

            Bonus Tip: If you’re not already, follow Springhill Farm on Instagram.

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