The lunchbox may be your nemesis, or your new best friend, but a well-prepared Tupperware feed can pack a punch — and a happiness moment.

You may have failed your New Years’ resolution(s) by now – good luck to you if you haven’t – but that doesn’t mean you have to fall hard off the wagon. Be kind to yourself and allow a tasty treat – it doesn’t have to be ‘bad’. There’s no point in restraining every treat-packing instinct to be sorely disappointed when you lift the lid at lunch – only to dive into a pool of treats when you finally make it home...

And if you are responsible for packing somebody else’s lunch (partner, housemate or offspring), don’t risk the guilt of denying them a happiness moment!

So here they are, our "5 Reasons Not to Fear the Back to Work / School Routine"

Whether you’re an organised night-before-packer (willing to risk soggy sandwiches), or a last-minute-out-the-door kind of person, avoid the frustrated frantic kitchen search and help yourself out with the routine. Here are five reasons to have a Slice supply in the house; with weekly stock-ups from the shops, or longer-term hoarding from an online order.

1. Guilt-free real food 

We’ll start at ‘Treat Worthy Corner’, where healthiness meets happiness. It’s a spot we recommend everyone should check out once in a while, just to get that time-out moment from busy lives. You won’t find any e-numbers, artificial colours or preservatives lurking there; only natural ingredients.

2. Prepare for essential time-out moments

When the need for that time-out moment arrives (once a week or once a day – we certainly don’t judge here), you need to be ready. It shouldn’t be a case of hoping you have slice ingredients, baking when you get home, cleaning the inevitable mess while it cooks and cools… Because the ‘time-out moment’ will have gone, and chances are it will never happen. 

That’s where stocking up at your local shop, or bulk buying online will empower you to be prepared, and indulge in yourself when you really need it. With our Naked Slice Packs, you could even pretend you did bake! 

And while The Boozy* Slice makes for a wonderful time-out at the office or at home with friends and family, keep it to your own lunchbox and not the little one(s). They do contain zero alcohol, but best not to get hauled into school to explain why little ‘Sophie’ is telling her friends her favourite treat is a Cosmo!

3. Australia’s most conscientious lunchbox slice

Our Naked Slice Packs are also kinder to the planet. They save on landfill with each 21-bite pack (vacuum-packed for freshness) big on taste, but light on packaging. 

Although we’re not new on the scene (we’ve ‘Sliced’ for more than 35 years), we’re still firmly based where we started; right here in regional Victoria. Many companies now outsource a lot of their manufacturing – or worse, many of their products – overseas. What’s more, our Australia-first sourcing policy means that we always try to use Australian ingredients, sourced locally first. Sometimes we do have to go a little further afield (for example, there are no coconut suppliers in Australia), but our Supply Chain Manager Rob always exhausts all avenues in Australia first.

4. Dietary Range: Gluten Free and All Plant (Vegan)

We’re an inclusive bunch here at Springhill Farm, and believe that just because you have to – or choose to – avoid something in your diet, it shouldn’t mean you have to miss out. Where we can make a Slice Gluten Free and All Plant, we do so without compromise!

Many of our slices do not contain nuts and are great little treats for taking to school, work, parties, or all of the above.


5. One for now, one for the lunchbox...

Dad bods are not built in one day. But one key culprit is Dad’s steadfast commitment to save the dustbin from the heavy workload of consuming any of the kids’ leftovers and taking the hit himself (it’s all about saving the environment really)...

That’s where we all struggle with packing lunchboxes. In theory, you’re packing a feed for later in the day, or even the next day. In practise, it’s the ultimate grazing session – “one for me, one for you” – or even “one for now, one for the lunchbox”!

How does our team tackle lunchboxes? 

Our Accounts guru Sue insists on packing the night before for her two school-aged children:

“As much as you may think that there’ll be time before the school run, it always adds extra stress on getting out of the door – and you’ll thank yourself in the morning for putting the extra 10-minute shift in before hitting the sofa. 

For the kids: It’s usually a wrap with cheese, carrot, spinach and ham, copious amounts of fruit, and a Lemon & Yoghurt Bite (maybe a Rocky Road Bite on Fridays!)

For me: I throw the contents of a salad into a bag and pop a Springhill Farm bite in to balance the yin to my yang, if you know what I mean!” 

For our Supply Chain Manager Rob (who, along with his wife, often helps out with his grandchildren’s lunchboxes), it’s more of a grab-as-you-leave situation.

“With the best intentions, we usually end up packing lunch in the morning before school. It means nothing gets soggy too. 

For the kids: Sandwiches, carrot and cheese sticks, yoghurts and a bite that does not contain nuts – they often twist our arms into Cookies & Cream… they eat like Kings and Queens!  

For me: It’s the previous evening’s leftovers, a piece of fruit and a naked slice for my post-lunch treat – I bulk buy to minimise the packaging.”

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