Mums… Who’d have them?!

Funnily enough, all of us have mums. Whether they’re too close, not close enough, just the right closeness, or no longer with us; we’re all a slice off the old block, so to speak.

We all carry a sprinkling of Mother Nature’s ingredients from our own mum; maybe a zest for life, a fresh outlook, a wicked side – or maybe her propensity to be absolutely nuts – such is the beauty and variety of life. 

Ever heard (or said/thought) “No one is quite like my mum…”? It was probably followed by “...thank goodness!” Well, sorry to break it to you; but you’re the same – no one is quite like you. And wouldn’t our days be boring without diversity? Life is like a Feast Hamper; you don’t know what you’re going to get next. That’s why we’re encouraging you to include a mum this year. 

Sydney-based illustrator, author, mum and daughter, Beck Feiner, always uses two base ingredients in her art; diversity and inclusivity, and that’s why we asked her to design our Mother’s Day Slice packaging – that and the fact that she’s an absolute rock star.

It’s undoubtedly been a challenging couple of years for the global community, and Beck’s art is designed to shine a spotlight on social issues, and to tap into the mood of the time while promoting harmony and diversity. She’s absolutely nailed it with the radiant packaging for these delectable Mother’s Day treats.

How to include a mum this year – consider the complete picture

Whether you’ll be with your mum this Mother’s Day, trying to forget about mum, connecting over Zoom, or raising a slice to the memory of mum, why not reach out to a mum (any mum) – or a mate who just needs a mamma hug – and let them know you’re thinking of them. 

People celebrate mums in different ways, but at Springhill Farm we believe everyone can agree a time out moment with a Springhill Farm slice is a wonderful way to celebrate all the mums in the world.

So get ready for next level deliciousness with these two MOTHER slices! Beck has beautifully captured all slices of mum on the packaging; from a mum enjoying a watermelon-inspired time out in the water and a mum-to-be taking time out with her bump, to a hula-hooping mum and child, a gardening mum, a dancing mum, someone caring for an elderly mum, and a child gifting mum a flower. 

Perhaps only Beck will know what these women have been through before they made it onto our slice packaging; acknowledging those who always wanted to be a mum but couldn’t. 

We know Beck is happy for you to create your own stories for the colourful characters on the cardboard. And when you put the two different boxes next to each other for the Mother’s Day Slice Set, you see the complete picture; the perfect combination.


Shower mum with more biscuit-based time out treats – topped with layers of all plant goodness:

When is Mother’s Day?

Australian Mother’s Day is always the second Sunday in May, and this year it falls on Sunday 8th May (yep ‘mum is a May8’ is not lost on us either!) Order your Mother’s Day Slice(s) before April 29th to give us a chance to get them to mum in time, or check out your local independent retailer or specialist grocer.

What to get a gluten free mum or an all plant mum?

Yep, we’ve got all mums covered – and anyone else who wants to celebrate Mother’s day with a slice for that matter. The Gianduja and Blueberry & Lemon Slices are both blissfully gluten free and all plant – and bloody delicious if we say so ourselves!


5 Bite-size snack ideas for Mother’s Day

“I would like to say lunch and a Gianduja Italian Choc Hazelnut Slice with my brother Josh and I, and some TLC. In actual fact, it’s probably a getaway as far away from us as possible – with the slice.”

Alex Antonelli, SHF Sales Coordinator

“I’ll be getting Mum tickets to an upcoming fashion exhibition. It’s something we do together every year and it’s a joy we both share – like the two Mother’s Day slices while watching said fashion show!”

Rebecca Niutta, SHF Operations Officer

“Both my mum Sally and I love having high tea somewhere special with family – including slices, of course.”

Andrea Redmond, SHF Key Account Manager

“Having two boys under the age of six, I would like five minutes of peace and quiet… just kidding, it’s my special day, so why not aim for 10 minutes?! I think if the last two years have taught me anything, it’s to not undervalue the little things – I would love just a nice, low key day with my family and a box of slices.”

Nora Gordon, SHF Brand Manager

“My mum is in England where I am from, and my wife and I had our first kid over there in London, so both the mums in my immediate life insist on celebrating both UK and Australian Mother’s Day dates! It’s a nightmare for me to get organised, but at least there are enough slices to go around (if I don’t eat them on the plane to Heathrow!)”

Tom Pountney, Content Contributor


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