When you think about it, every day should be Mother's Day, shouldn't it? Where would we be without all the mums of the world??! Our personal cheersquads. The best listeners. The greatest huggers. The cheapest therapists...

So we thought it was high-time to show all the mums how grateful we are for all that they've done for us (even if we still can't fold a fitted sheet... sorry mum!) with two mouth-watering, heart-warming slices to celebrate all the magical, magnificent and mighty things they do.

And who better to create an equally magical, magnificent and mighty homage to mum than uber-talented illustrator, author, and mum, Beck Feiner?

We've asked Beck the hard-hitting questions to give you a glimpse of the artist behind the art. So settle into, grab yourself a slice (or two), and get to know a little more about Beck.


1. What’s your favourite time of day?

Mornings. I am one of those annoyingly chipper early morning people, who is incredibly productive first thing but then it all goes downhill at bout 10am.

2. What’s your biggest weakness? 

Nutella and crunchy Peanut butter. I have tried to ban them from my house but they keep sneaking back in.

3. What’s your biggest strength?

Persistence. So when I fail at something, I usually have a temper tantrum, vow to never do it again. But actually I can’t bear to let it go and after I have licked my wounds, I get up and try again.

4. What makes you angry?

Climate change. It is effecting so much around us. And it is our duty , especially from our government to help safeguard our children from the negative impacts of climate change.

5. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

I did an illustration with a quote and a woman printed it, pinned it it to her fridge and later emailed me and told me it was her inspiration to get out of a bad marriage.

6. Sweet or savoury?

Sweet then savoury, then sweet, then savoury. I am one of those annoying people that has to balance out the last thing I have eaten. So if I have just eaten a chocolate and it is too sweet then I have to have a salty pretzel. The result is a never ending cycle. EEK!

7. What song can you listen to on repeat? 

Fleetwood Mac - Tell me lies. My family tried to ban it but I sneak it on when no one is looking.

8. What makes you smile the most? 

My whippet running in the park. I don’t know why I chose a dog breed that has to be walked 3000 times a day. But when I see him take off with another dog for a zoomie around the park, it brings me such pure joy and takes me away from whatever is consuming my mind.

9. Heels or flats or sneakers? 

Sneakers and in particular my Reebok Freestyle sneakers. They are the original aerobic shoes from the ‘80s and make me want to bust out some Jane Fonda aerobic moves every time I put them on. I also cannot walk in heels.

10. Window or aisle seat?

This is a tough one. For a long flight, I sit on aisle as I have to go to the bathroom A LOT and hate being trapped in a little small space. However, I used to have a fear of flying so I found that staring out the window at the horizon helps calm me. You would think it would be the opposite but it actually helps as you feel more in control.

11. What’s your current TV character obsession?

Larry Davids from Curb Your Enthusiasm. He is a comic genius and he is constantly getting in predicaments that make me feel a lot better about all the stupid things I do!

12. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done in your life? 

Left my full time job as an art director in advertising to become my own boss as an illustrator. Best. Decision. Ever.

13. What’s your current favourite piece of clothing that you own? 

A hot pink jumpsuit. I always get a lot of compliments. The down side is, it’s incredibly hard to take off so I need to make sure I don’t drink a lot of water when I wear it.

14. What’s inspiring you in life right now?

The bravery of people around the world. Whether it’s surviving floods in Australia or wars overeas, the resilience and courage of everyday people inspires my illustrations.

15. Diamonds or pearls? 

Pearls! But in an ‘80s fabulous way. I also wanted to call my daughter Pearl but lot that naming battle.

16. What are you currently reading?

Still Life by Sarah Winman. It is mostly set in Florence and is complete escapism. I feel like I have been transported to Italy every time I pick it up and I don’t want it to end.

17. How do you start your day?

Coffee and meditation. I know the two do seem to contradict each other but I do need coffee to stop me falling asleep while I meditate.

18. What’s something you can’t do?

Ice skating. This was a major issue when I was a kid as I never wanted to go to a birthday party at an ice skating ring. The thought of falling on my bum and someone running over my fingers terrified me.  I also can’t drive manual which I am weirdly quite proud of.

19. Where was the best vacation you’ve ever taken?

We just went to Uluru in the NT. The red centre stole my heart. The place is so alive with ancient culture and incredible natural wonders. I feel so lucky to have experienced. And with just my hubby and no kids. Woot Woot. I’ll take them when they are older.

20. Favourite food? 

Hot Chips with chicken salt. I don’t have an off button which Is quite scary.

21. What’s your favourite colour? 

PINK! I am not a girly girl. I just love pink. I have to stop myself illustrating with this colour all the time. It just goes with everything and genuinely lifts my mood. I even painted my front door pink. When the painter was painting it he kindly said to me - Don’t worry, you can paint over it soon! I replied - NEVER!

22. What did you want to do with your life at age 12

Be an artist. It took me a while to get there but I am so glad I persevered.


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Image © Beck Feiner / Hunting for George