Over Hot Cross Buns by Easter? Can’t choose between the 200+ chocolate eggs on the supermarket shelves?

There’s a new seasonal slice duo in town, ready to revolutionise Easter treats.

Meet Bad Hare and Hot Cross Chick…

Bad Hare still can’t believe Easter Eggs are hollow and Hot Cross Chick thinks it’s seriously unfair that gluten free and vegan Hot Cross Buns are such poor imitations — not to mention the hassle of baking/burning/stale buns. 

Together, they are on a mission to stop people across Australia from smuggling too many buns in the lead up to Easter – and from gorging on too much chocolate in the fortnight that follows.

How? I hear you ask…

Two slices of brilliance, packed with the good and the great of seasonal treats.


    Burned too many buns?

    Forget stale buns, toasters and butter, now you can slice through the day with your bun on the run! Our kitchen bunnies whipped up a blend of sweet cinnamon, spiced nutmeg, juicy currants and zesty orange, topped off with white chocolate swirls - think of them as "Not-X-Buns".

    Life is more than a box of chocolates?

    A creamy, crunchy chocolate and hazelnut slice lays the base for a generous smashing of Easter eggs and multi-coloured smarties – it’s an action-packed, veritable smorgasbord of goodness!


    Bad Hare has had enough of traipsing across Australia hiding eggs in backyards and bushes. Hot Cross Chick is getting very impatient with dads who think they’re smart enough to write cryptic treasure hunts for sleepy, hangry kids.

    They want families to sit down together and crack a treat, set kids up with colouring fun, take time out, slow down and wallow in a slice of life – or two.

    Their ancestors have been running around like headless chicks (excuse the pun) since German immigrants introduced the Easter Bunny concept to America, with decorated eggs and stories of an egg-laying hare dating back to the 13th Century.

    Hyperactive kids, 9am sugar crashes, mountains of foil and plastic molds were certainly not in their thinking, and for the last 800 years the world has been trying to figure out the perfect Easter treat, until now… These smarties really do have the answer!

    The ideal gift for a friend or loved one, the perfect prize for the end of an Easter Egg hunt and the treat-worthy sharer after a big family Easter meal, they’ve cracked it!

    Not only that, we've taken the heat out of the hunt and scattered our Easter treats at select IGA Supermarkets and Myer stores across Australia. Hop to a phone and check if your local has us in stock to avoid unnecessary emotional Easter outbursts...


    All Plant and Gluten Free Easter treats.

    Bad Hare and Hot Cross Chick have gone to the next level. They’ve ducked, they’ve dived, they’ve burrowed to the deepest depths and hopped to the highest heights, they’ve sniffed and chirped every inch of land and lake.

    On the one paw, they’ve hit a choc nut-heaven slice with smarties and a generous smashing of Easter egg; on the other wing, they’ve kept nuts out and hunted down a zesty, spicy hedonistic mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, currents, orange and chocolate. 

    The best thing? These are All Plant and Gluten Free Easter goodies that actually taste good – for everyone to enjoy.

    But our two heroes couldn’t do this alone. They’ve teamed up with Ballarat artist Ben Sanders – a super talented illustrator, author and Springhill Farm fanatic – for a taste of local knowledge. Ben was the vision behind the Boozy* Slice packaging after all. 

    And here’s what Ben told our furry and feathery friends: give the kids something to draw (and a little treat) so everyone can enjoy a slice of the fun! 

    He also said that the best piece of advice he ever received (from a stranger) was not to take advice from strangers… So Bad Hare and Hot Cross Chick asked Ben to put his hot tip to the sword and design a colouring sheet – which he did!

    The good folk at Springhill Farm went one hop further and created a colouring competition to keep the kids entertained – instead of eating the family’s Easter Slices!

    Bravo Hare, Chick and Ben!


    Well then, are you a good bunny hoarding for winter? Or a bad hare eating everything in sight? 

    The best thing about Easter with Springhill Farm, is that you get to do both.



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