What makes a boodle, a boodle?

Curious how we make such mouth watering, delicious bite-sized clusters of chocolatey goodness? 🤤

It's not magic or sorcery.

Our Product Development team spent many sleepless nights researching the best ingredients to not only deliver on a mouth watering experience, but that also stayed crunchy AND delivered on 50% less sugar*.
Bowl of Melted Chocolate 


 All our boodles flavours are made with coverture chocolate, and when appropriate natural flavours are added – only the good stuff here! Couverture chocolate is the real deal and is made with cocoa powder and vegetable fats (unlike compound chocolate that is cocoa butter and cocoa mass) so it is chocolate in its purest form and hence is the healthier option between the two.
Bowl of Buchwheat


Buckwheat is the hardest grain that you will find in our boodles. Buckwheat has become a popular health food as it has high mineral and antioxidant content. Reported benefits include improved blood sugar control and it scores low to medium on the glycaemic index (GI). 

FUN FACT: despite its name, buckwheat isn't related to wheat and is in fact gluten free 😮

Bowl of Quinoa


Quinoa is one of the world’s healthiest foods and there are over 3,000 varieties. Originally from South America it reached cult “superfood” status in the 90's due to its high nutritional content. Quinoa is also popular because it is gluten free.

FUN FACT: 2013 was named "The International Year of Quinoa" by the UN. 🦸

Bowl of Soy Protein Crisps


Soy Protein Crisps are a versatile ingredient that can be found in the supermarket and is often used in homemade recipes including cereals and snack bars to give them a little boost of protein.

They are great to add an extra bit of crunch to our boodles and have a similar texture to other popped rice products [like the type those 3 fun little guys with the hats that help with breakfast] but have a higher amount of protein and are gluten free. 


Bowl of Roasted Nuts
Our NEWEST boodles boosted Peanut and Pretzel contains real pieces of roasted peanuts! 

Peanuts (apart from tasting delicious) are full of nutrition and make a healthy snack. They're full of fibre, protein and healthy fats. which can help you stay fuller for longer. 

You can also find real pieces of hazelnuts in our boodles Chocolate Hazelnut variety. 

Bowl of Pretzels

This one is a bit of a "why not"?! 

We surveyed a range of consumers and by overwhelming majority the flavour most recommended to pair with peanut was pretzel and geez they were right. If you haven't given our new Peanut & Pretzel a go we recommend you do!

FUN FACT: Pretzels are thought to have originated in Italy where a monk making bread decided to make a treat to motivate his distracted students. 

Bowl of Sprinkles

Our speckles have nothing artificial (in fact all our boodles have nothing artificial); they using natural colours and flavours to add a pop of colour to our new Chocolate Speckled boodle.

The Natural Colours used in our sprinkles are Carotene (responsible for make carrots orange), Anthocyanin (make blueberries blue) Curcumin (gives turmeric that brilliant yellow colour) and Chlorophyll (gives plant a green pigment).