Made by Us - What does that actually mean?

Since the beginning, Jojo has been hands on creating mouth-watering slice for the school children visiting Springhill Farm; now almost 40 years later with her daughter Fiona Whatley at the helm, not much has changed. 
Jo with School Kids on the Farm
On any day of the week you can find a Whatley or two (sometimes more) on site at our factory home in Delacombe, in sunny Ballarat! 🌞
The Whatley family aren't just the founders of Springhill Farm they are the heart and soul of the business and think of it as their fifth child (yep, they have a few) 👦🏼👦🏼👦🏼👧🏼.

Springhill Farm, bucking the contract manufacturing trend.

You may have heard of contract manufacturing; it's pretty commonplace in Australia, where brands have other companies make their products for them. We, at Springhill Farm are actually a contract manufacturer for many other brands in the snack food industry; we love helping other brands realise their dreams and love seeing them on the supermarket shelves 🛒. 
Lots of companies use this method, and contract manufacturing can be great as it allows little business to get a foot in the door without having to invest in machinery and other start up costs. But, for us, there's nothing like seeing and smelling the product being made right here on site, which is why everything displaying the Springhill Farm brand, is proudly made right here on site, by us!
Fiona Whatley During the Pandemic

❤️🏠 Our factory is our home 🏠❤️

It might sound a bit funny but we LOVE our factory, and are very proud of what we have been able to build over the last (nearly) 40 years.
Having our own factory allows us to control aspects of our processes that others who use contract manufacturing can't.
We are 100% in control of the quality framework (making sure our snacks are top quality), the ingredients we source, and the treatment of our staff.
We are proud that we are SEDEX approved company; all SEDEX approved companies are evaluated to ensure responsible and ethical practices are followed and that they are committed to transparency and accountability.  
We also love being part of a regional community 🚜 Having our factory in Ballarat (approx. 1.5 hours from Melbourne) allows us to invest in the local community and contribute to regional growth and development.