Sadly The Grinch has found his way over west. 

We have received communication from our freight partner this morning that unfortunately will impact all our Western Australian customers.

Due to unforeseen circumstances outside of their control they have announced a 40% increase on freight prices for ‘standard’ packages to Western Australia, in addition to this increase they are advising that any parcels sent may take up to 2 weeks more then other times during the year on the standard service.

We have always offered flat shipping across all of this vast brown land as we believe that everyone should have access to mouth-watering slice and shouldn’t be discriminated against due to their proximity to sunny Ballarat 😉.

As a business we have faced many challenges over the last couple years, with increasing freight costs and supply chain issues just a few. We have previously made the decision not to pass on these costs to our consumers and have been making a loss on freight for some time now especially to some of the more far-flung places.

Given this, we have reviewed the freight costs for ‘standard’ delivery to Western Australia; unfortunately, this is not something that we are able to absorb and therefore have made the very difficult decision to remove this service option. Our freight partners have advised that they believe this is a short-term issue however have been unable to provide any details of when services will return to previous pricing.

 On a more positive note - they have advised that their Express Post service are currently unaffected and are encouraging customers who need to send items to Western Australia urgently to consider these options.

We do hope that we will be able to send train loads of slice to our customers in Western Australia shortly.

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