That munchies moment. When you’ve finished Tuesday night dinner, cleaned up, prepped for Wednesday (or not) and finally hit the sofa. New-week Monday strength is completely drained, and it’s still an uphill trek to hump day. Something is missing… That’s it! Simple vegan treats to hit the spot. Gluten free? Covered.

Taste has always come first at Springhill Farm and our simple vegan treats are no exception. We’ve invested serious time in cooking up a storm (and tasting) in the test kitchen to ensure everyone’s munchy needs are looked after, regardless of plant-based preferences and allergy needs.

The munchies don’t discriminate based on diet – and neither should your snacking. There’s a moment for every snack on any occasion. You might call it a time-out moment; whichever location or hour of the day the desire to munch snackable greatness pops up. Being prepared is good; but grabbing snacks on the fly also happens – that’s okay. You just have to know where your next simple vegan treat is coming from.

And we don’t believe in the words ‘food-replacement’, because that’s what happens when a food is trying to be something it is not. Our wholefood ‘real’ ingredients stand loud and proud of what they are – singing from the hilltops and part of a magic ingredient formula to bring love and delight to vegan and gluten free snacking.

So what to do when a cup of tea won’t cut it? An indulgent cake? Biscuits? A block of chocolate? Or ice cream?

When we need some inspiration we are not ashamed to turn to our mate Google. There is a whole big bad world out there of VERY talented bakers that have done much of the heavy lifting and are perfect when you need a bit of inspo. Below are a few ideas for homemade simple vegan snacks to prove that you don’t need butter, eggs, cow’s milk or cream to curb the crave with tantalising treats. They also happen to be gluten free, so you can share with anyone and everyone – if there’s any left!

  • Vegan gluten free peanut butter chickpea blondies
  • Quick vegan gluten free chocolate chip brownies
  • Easy vegan gluten free crepes and pancakes
  • Vegan gluten free date and banana cookies
  • Yummy vegan gluten free cupcakes
  • Crispy vegan gluten free frozen dessert bars
  • Delicious no-bake vegan gluten free chocolate pie
  • Healthy vegan gluten free homemade oreos
  • Vegan gluten free Marshmallow fluff chocolate ice cream
  • Vegan gluten free baked Alaska-inspired tofu pudding

After hours in the kitchen refining our craft, here are our...

Top tips on baking (or no-bake) simple vegan treats

  • Keep coconut oil on hand instead of butter 🥥
  • Grab ground flaxseed to replace eggs
  • Invest in marshmallows and a bottle of pure maple syrup to sweeten up those earthy notes 🍯
  • Buckwheat flour, and dairy-replacement milks and creams will also be your best friends 👊

No-effort simple vegan treats

Homemade vegan gluten free goodies are great – and there is something very rewarding about eating the fruits – nay, slices – of your own labour. But pride doesn’t always cut the mustard either, especially when you’ve tried to go ultra-healthy and what was tasting pretty good on Sunday is severely lacking and dry by Tuesday!

Cue delicious treats made and packed by Springhill Farm maestros – all the satisfaction without the fuss. Of course, you can always head to the shops, pick through what might be left in the ‘health food’ vegan section, where everything looks (and tastes) the same; and where we often find ourselves asking “how much protein does one person really need?” 

But if you’re after a little more substance for your spend, grab an unashamed treat that tastes shamefully good:


Springhill Farm is making snacking happier, whichever simple vegan treat you choose to cure the munchies 😊