Firstly, please note that we’re not here to advise on issues surrounding alcohol. We are merely here making snacking happier and admiring those who give up alcohol for the month of July (or longer), as is a ritual for some in Australia.

We’d like to tip our farmer’s cap to anyone planning time-out from their vices. We all seem to fill our lives with excess junk, and sometimes it’s cathartic to cull (just ask Marie Kondo) – even if just for a short period of time.

Dry July, Febfast, Grateful in April – it doesn’t matter what the month is. Giving up something  to raise money or awareness for a cause close to your heart is such a fantastic initiative for all involved. It’s all about a community looking after one-another – and showing true commitment to a cause. You might choose to ditch something purely for your own wellbeing, and that’s awesome too.

But in order to tackle such a task, you’ll need a plan.


Making snacking happier

Re-calibrate the meaning of ‘treat’. Where a beer, glass of wine, or gin and tonic may have once been the treat for the day; try a different treat – where healthiness meets happiness for you. Try a Boozy* Slice for that cocktail taste and all the memories that burst out with the flavours. Cutting the crap doesn’t mean life has to be boring. Boozy* Slice box set even comes with a game of ‘never have I ever’ for additional fun.

Make time – you’re going to need it

You’re making a change in your life. Kudos to you. Change is often the toughest path to take – rather than continuing on the path of least resistance. You’re calling time out on something that may have been in your life for a while, so you might require more headspace than usual to stay strong. You’re mixing with your circadian rhythm man… you’re twisting your melon! Don’t just bury yourself in work; schedule time in your day for our most reliable of ‘friends’ – time itself; we invest in time with a good cuppa and slice of course.


Get a buddy – or even a bunch of buddies!

Talking of reliable ‘friends’; you know it’s easier to meet someone to exercise with rather than train alone, for fear of letting them down. The same applies to curbing a crave. Get a team around you with a common goal and share the load in moments of weakness – get on the phone, or get together for a walk, a run, a kickabout or a spot of yoga / world-watching.

Remember, we’re all human

Don’t beat yourself up if you feel the crave. We all have moments of weakness; it’s how we deal with it that counts – and there are plenty of coping mechanisms here. It’s quite possible that you’ve been subconsciously telling your body and mind that it’s okay to nurture a habit for a decent stretch of time – maybe your whole adult life. And now you’re tearing up the rulebook.

Celebrate the milestones

Plan for milestones with mini – some may say bite-sized ;) – celebrations. Cravings are driven by your brain’s need for reward, rather than the body’s genuine need (don’t worry – we all get them). So get ahead of the crave and plan the marking of milestones.

Christmas in July

Another Australian tradition is to celebrate Christmas in July – and what better treat to do that with than Boozy* Slice! You’ll thank us in the morning!



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We are not and do not claim to be experts in addiction – if you are experiencing problems with alcohol – or you know somebody who is – please consult your GP or visit Health Direct.

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