Who said ice cream's for Summer? We can't think of anything more indulgent than a big bowl with some flavour "smush-ins" while cosying up by a Winter fire... are you with us?

The cold Winter months are a contrasting mix hibernating from the wild and woolly weather, and opening up our homes to intimate dinner parties with friends as we try to see ourselves through to Spring.

So, after much taste testing and very little effort, we've devised the ultimate 'foolproof' dessert, ready to wow guests or simply add a bit of indulgence to your after-dinner treat.

Say "hello" to Springhill Farm's Ice Cream "Smush-Ins" 🍨 😊



  • Vanilla Ice Cream (dairy-based or all-plant — whatever you fancy)
  • 1-2 x Springhill Farm Slices per bowl


How to:

  1. Place 2-3 (or 4, go on...) scoops of ice cream in a bowl (per person).
  2. Arrange a series of small serving bowls, 1 bowl per slice flavour.
  3. Take your favourite Springhill Farm Slices (allow 1-2 slices per person) and chop them up into chunks about 1-2cm (pro tip: the more rustic your chunks look, the more hand-made your dessert will feel, the more impressed your guests will be... just saying).
  4. Put each flavour slice in its own bowl with a serving spoon, and arrange bowls on your kitchen bench, dining table or, if you're fancy, dessert cart.
  5. Give each guest their bowl of ice cream (it should be slightly soft now, making it easy to mix in their slice chunks).
  6. Give your guests the green-light to add their favourite slice flavours to their ice cream, then gently mix or "smush in" the slice chunks with your ice cream.
  7. Enjoy! Seriously, it's that simple!


Now, some people will want to go big of taste, preferring a melange of slice flavours vs. your more refined "single flavour" types. There's no right or wrong.

But for us, an indulgent winter bowl of ice cream feels perfectly complete with our Coconut and Dark Choc... Give it a go!



And, of course, if you have your own classic combo you'd love to share, leave a comment or head to our socials...

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