As Australia goes back to offices – no longer working from home with our inner hunter-gather grazing the cupboards every five minutes – we feel as a nation that it’s our responsibility to address The Great Snack Debate.

No more hiding snacks behind monitors; with office ears and eyes once again diverting and descending judgingly on every rummage, rustle or fridge foray.

Who’s with us? We stand for making snacking happier. We stand for fun, colour, variety, balance and inclusivity. Help us clear the name of the honest, wholesome snack, and ring a return to proud snacking in Australia!


So what keeps us strong enough to stave off the office vending machine? Or to blank the bakery across the street? We must prepare. Sometimes even the night before...

But what to make? With little in the cupboards, and even less inspiration, the enthusiasm of Jamie Oliver with his Mango & Yoghurt Layer Pots and Granola Dust Energy Balls evades the best of us at 8pm after a day of living our best lives. 

And no one wants to eat Dust! Sorry Jamie; we love you really – at least you didn’t call them ‘Bliss’ Balls. What on earth is a Bliss Ball? Sure, ‘Bliss’ sounds tasty, but if we could eat ‘Bliss’ then why would we restrict ourselves to balls of dried fruit… Can you imagine? Bliss Toast, Bliss Roast and Bliss Brussels Sprouts?! 


So Energy Balls? Protein Balls? However you want to package them up…

The great marketeers could put the word ‘Energy’ in front of any food; all food contains some description of energy (yes, even McDonald's lettuce… don’t get us started!) But snacking on ‘Balls’ just doesn’t sound so appetising does it?

Red bell peppers with guacamole, says Healthline. Homemade Ranch Popcorn, says Women’s Day – that really is testing the limits of all foods being ‘Energy’. We’re pretty sure you’d burn more kilojoules making it than you’d earn snacking on it.

If you have an inner strength to rival Tony Robbins, you might be able to cook Taste’s Gluten Free Ham and Corn Fritters for dinner and save a few for snacks the following day, but if it takes a few to snack on, we’re waging it takes mountain to please family stomachs...


Who has time to prepare homemade snacks anyway? And no, I am not buying a whole bag of Tumeric to use half a teaspoon once a year!

There are an abundance of ‘Snacks for Kids’ and ‘Snacks for Teens’ blogs out there – what about Snacks for Adults that don’t come with a lecture about weight loss or a thousand ingredients?

An apple is a good snack for an adult, says Snacknation

Apparently the mum that always said “There’s plenty of fruit in the bowl” writes for Snacknation

Trail mix a great snack, says pretty much everyone. Trail mix is great when you’re on the trail (far more appropriate marketing); when you can get away with constantly eating, even if it's just to lighten your backpack. Incessant rustling, chewing and loud crunching in the office does not make you friends!

Yes, we’re all for healthy, balanced living, but you have to snack properly to avoid binge eating when you get home.

This is the crux of the situation. There’s no point in snacking so lightly at work that you’re crawling to the cupboard when you get home – or binge eating at dinner. Small, wholesome treats are okay.

“They’re right when they say ‘everything in moderation’,”

says Springhill Farm NPD Guru Rachel.

“But when we hear that phrase, we tend to focus on the ‘moderation’ part, rather than the word ‘everything’.

“Snacking during the day is not taboo. It still carries a stigma and a bad image, but it’s not forbidden. It’s largely encouraged by many nutritionists, as regularly snacking on balanced foods helps to stabilise hunger and blood sugar levels, and supports portion control at mealtimes.”

So there you have it. Thou shalt not feel shame about happy snacking. Happy snacking. Because, well, Apple Bircher Popsicles Donna Hay? Fun to make with kids maybe... But seriously?

Happy snacking :)


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